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      ANHUI MENTOR CABLE GROUP CO.,LTD ADD:Gaoxin Road Wuwei Anhui Post code:238331 TEL:0086-0553-6888997 FAX:0086-0553-6888999 Website:Http://www.khushidecor.com

      Inquiring Type keyword:
      Converter Used Main Circuit Power Cable
      Power Cable with Concentric Conductor
      0.6/1kv Butadiene Compound Insulation & Sheath Power Cable
      Fluoroplastics Insulation Power Cable
      Silica Rubber Insulation Power Cable
      0.6/1kv or Lower Plastic Insulated And Sheathed Branched Cable
      0.6/1kv PVC Lnsulation Power Cable
      35kv or lower XLPE Insulation Power Calbe 
      All rights reserve: Anhui MENTOR Cable Group Co.,Ltd    Technical support: Chengshang    ADD:Gaoxin Road Wuwei Anhui
      Post code:238331   TEL:0086-0553-6888997    FAX:0086-0553-6888999