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      Power cable
      Extension cable
      Mining cable
      Heat-resistance cable
      Control cable
      Shipboard cable
      Computer cable
      Electrical wire and cable
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      ANHUI MENTOR CABLE GROUP CO.,LTD ADD:Gaoxin Road Wuwei Anhui Post code:238331 TEL:0086-0553-6888997 FAX:0086-0553-6888999 Website:Http://www.khushidecor.com
      TThe spirit of enterprise Unity and integrity of law-abiding dedication pioneering and innovative pursuit of excellence Business philosophy Honesty, brand, a win-win situation, Thanksgiving Core values Small companies made large companies, large companies made our company Operating purposes A world brand, do first-class enterprises Work style Sincerity to the highest letter to Zhuo Study concept Study hard and good at learning lifelong learning Quality Policy People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation to meet military, full participation, continuous improvement. Environment Policy Green clean production facilities to create beautiful harmonious environment, and raise the connotation of the pursuit of excellence, together with military and civilian products
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      All rights reserve: Anhui MENTOR Cable Group Co.,Ltd    Technical support: Chengshang   ADD:Gaoxin Road Wuwei Anhui
      Post code:238331   TEL:0086-0553-6888997   FAX:0086-0553-6888999